Year 5 African Adventure

African Adventure is a three day residential trip for Y5 students.

September 2019 Trip…

Y5 will be going on their African Adventure trip from 9:15am on Wednesday 11th September and the trip finishes at Sizewell Hall at 1:30pm on Friday 13th September.

September 2018 Trip…

Y5 had a great time but Mr Krisson’s photography skills need some improvement! Please click on the photograph to view the full version.

Photographs from the May 2018 Trip…

Please click on the photograph to view the full version.

Some Comments from 10/5/18

“This place is great” Katie

“It’s fun and we do exciting activities” Harry B

“Mrs Brierley and Miss Stokes tried to fool us by putting on a fake illness but I found out straight away” Faith

“There’s lots of stuff to do” Eva

“It’s nice to learn about what the Africans do. You have to wear these goggles and Josh came out and scared me. I’ve kept on trying when things are tricky” Eleanor

“I liked the archery because you can have competitions to see who gets the most things. We got a cake” Evie

“All the activities are really fun and it’s great” Wren

“Amazing” Riley H

“I like the climbing wall; it helps when I climb a tree so that I can get a football down” Corey