Travel Policy

The full Highway Code can be viewed here…

Keeping children safe is a very important part of the school/home partnership. The Governors and the Parent Forum have worked very hard to create a Travel Policy which ensures that our children are kept safe around the school’s vicinity.

We ask for Parents/Carers to read our Travel Policy in full. However, the key points are…

  • No unauthorised vehicles are permitted inside the school gates before 4pm (this includes parents dropping children at Willow Garden Breakfast Club).
  • Parents/Carers/Volunteers must adhere to parking restrictions around the school perimeter.
  • Any infringements should be reported to the school using the form below or, in serious cases, should be reported to the police.

As a school we will endeavour to…

  • keep you updated with the latest Travel Initiatives
  • discuss existing and new initiatives at Parents Forum and Governors meetings to strengthen travel safety
  • keep an updated map of restricted areas around the school perimeter
  • discuss Travel Safety with the children during a dedicated assembly each term
  • provide you with a copy of our Travel Policy annually as a minimum

Please use the form below to report any infringements to our travel policy…

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