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KS1 Maths Glossary

Phonics Glossary

CVCA consonant-vowel-consonant word, such as cat , pin or top . You may also
come across the abbreviation CCVC for
consonant-consonant-vowel-consonant words such as clap and from . Also
CVCC for words such as mask and belt .
PhonemePhonemes are the smallest unit of speech-sounds which make up a word. If
you change a phoneme in a word, you would change its meaning. For
example, there are three phonemes in the word sit /s/-/i/-/t/. If you
change the phoneme /s/ for /f/, you have a new word, fit . If you change
the phoneme /t/ in fit for a /sh/, you have a new word, fish - /f/-/i/-/sh/.
GraphemeGraphemes are the written representation of sounds.
DigraphA combination of two letters representing one sound, as in ph and ey.
TrigraphA trigraph is a single sound that is represented by three letters, for example: In the word 'match', the three letters 'tch' at the end make only one sound. Other examples of trigraphs are: igh as in sigh.

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