Star Pupils

w/c 3rd May

Ray for her dedication to drawing marks on her butterfly wings ; super concentration Ray.

Jessica for her ideas for imaginative play; she makes a very caring Doctor!

Levi for settling well into the nursery and for amazing us with his love of painting.

Rocco for working creatively and imaginatively to build a giant castle. Rocco also worked really hard in maths, measuring how tall Sally was! He could carefully count how many pegs long Sally was.

Duke for always being so kind and helpful in class, helping his friends to find equipment and always helping the teachers when they need anything.

Leon for being so switched on and ready to learn every day. Leon is so enthusiastic about learning numbers and letter sounds. He has really enjoyed showing all his lovely work to the teachers and his classmates.

Kourtnie for working really hard on her phonics in her small group. Keep up the good work!

Arthur for showing consideration towards others by supporting his peers to finish their clocks.

Annabelle for her creativity this week in both her wolf fork painting, which looks beautiful, and for carefully decorating her clock for maths.

Ray for being really focused in the mornings to complete his morning maths challenge and just generally working hard in maths this week; he is super at dividing by 5!

Lewis for working really hard on making sure he completes his work to the best of his ability and being really focused in class this week, offering some great ideas to class discussions.

Harry T for showing fantastic commitment and creativity when drawing and colouring his geometric pattern for RE. It looks beautiful!

Niamh for showing great craftsmanship when designing her kindness poster in Computing. Niamh changed the background and the font size and colour of her words. She made a colourful and eye-catching poster.

Thomas for all 7 Cs during our newspaper tower engineering project. Fabulous thinking and teamwork creating a tower with height, strength and stability.

Alice for commitment to gardening and demonstrating patience and attention to detail when micro weeding and sowing seeds.

Hannah for her commitment and craftsmanship in all tasks.

George T for his commitment to learning. He is always on task and did some super Vector work.

William T for his commitment to his work and the contributions he makes to class discussions.

Sophie and Andrew for showing great consideration for others this week by offering help and support to their class mates.

★ Star of the Week ★

Of course, all of our pupils are stars to us, but every week the class teacher selects a student or two who has shone particularly brightly.

On this page see who has been especially sparkly this week…

w/c 26th April

Lana-Rose for super concentration writing her name, not giving up and being really happy with herself!

Isaac D for his amazing craftsmanship in everything that he does from drawing to imaginative play.

Grayson for his enthusiasm to try new things and amazing concentration when creating a Matisse style snail.

Oliver for his enthusiasm to try new activities; approaching his friends to ask a question and his knowledge of combustion.

Heath for being an amazing mathematician, he could independently make up addition stories using little wooden people. He could work out the calculations in his head. Also for being so creative in the way he retold the story of the Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Bay for super reading, understanding the story and answering questions. Also, for being so creative and confident using the stage to perform songs to his friends.

Beau for retelling the story of The Three Little Pigs beautifully. Beau used the story spoons to help him sequence the story and used expression to bring the characters to life. Well done for your hard work this week.
Hollie for ALWAYS showing such enthusiasm in her learning and always showing willing to share her ideas and answers.

Ivy for using some beautiful description in her independent writing about butterflies.

Charlie for working incredibly hard on presenting his work neatly and always being on task!

Bethany for showing great confidence when playing rounders. Bethany showed great control when hitting the ball and was encouraging others on her team.

Violet for showing brilliant commitment in her maths learning. Violet worked really hard to work out the repeated addition and multiplication for the ‘lots of’ being given by the teacher.

Theo for making connections in maths and understanding how to convert from the analogue to digital time with both the 12 hour and 24 hour clock.

Evie for resilience and commitment to her maths this week – you’re flying now!

Lucy for showing curiosity and commitment in all her work and producing pieces of a consistent high quality.

Alex for showing real commitment to improving his maths skills.

Anya for showing more commitment in maths and becoming more resilient when facing challenges.

Elliot for his curiosity in finding out about the digestive system and his fantastic diagram which explains what he has found out.