Star Pupils

w/c 9th December

Beau for his consideration of new friends in his class, helping others to put their shoes on, saying “Team work!”
Lorien for her kindness and consideration of others, being gentle and sharing her play.
William for showing an improved confidence coming into school.
Fox for developing confidence in sewing, and also for being a great Roman soldier!
Mallory for showing confidence in sewing, great writing and also being a beautiful angel!
George for being really confident with numbers – excellent work!
Harry T for suddenly being more confident about reading – he now wants to read!
Bethany for her confident singing and being a fantastic angel. She is also very considerate. She always has something good to say about everyone – even Mrs Moore!
Evan for being a super confident mathematician and a fantastic narrator – TWICE!
Edward for writing an interesting and well considered persuasive piece about zoos, and remembering the persuasive features including a rhetorical question.
Dylan for increased focus and commitment during music lessons and for singing confidently.
Sydney for sportsmanship and consideration in tennis. What a star – shaking hands with every player, whether he won or lost!
Bella for putting phenomenal effort into practising the Christmas Concert – what a shining star to have on the front row!
Lou-Lou for showing such craftsmanship when creating a salt dough Santa hand.
Cate for her fantastic effort when practicing for the carol concert.
Imogen B, Marcus, Maia and Sophie for working so collaboratively whilst cooking together. Their cheese star biscuits were a triumph!

★ Star of the Week ★

Of course, all of our pupils are stars to us, but every week the class teacher selects a student or two who has shone particularly brightly.

On this page see who has been especially sparkly this week…

w/c 2nd December

Seyma – her perseverance and determination knows no bounds when making herself a mask, overcoming difficulties and making changes. She displayed the same commitment when writing her letter to Santa.
Teddy for his phenomenal calculation skills in Maths – adding and subtracting up to 10!!
Niall for a lovely descriptive sentence about Tinsel the elf.
Nelson and Dylan for huge improvement and confidence in their writing. They did super writing about the Great Fire of London.
Aatmana for working collaboratively and supporting her peers when making Canopic Jars.
Lucian for his focus and commitment when playing the hand chimes for Silent Night.
Molly for a detailed write up of our science trip.
Thenuk for always having such wonderful manners and a cheery smile. He is so considerate to everyone and it’s so lovely to welcome him into our class every day!
Seth for writing a fantastic travel guide for the Isle of Berk.
Leo for having a fantastic attitude and often ‘just doing’ things without being asked or reminded.
Dan, Laura and Brett for showing such mature communication skills and consideration when spending time with Year 2. They designed and played memory games fantastically well.