Staff In Year 1

Chantelle Williams


Chantelle is a West Country gal and has lived in 4 different counties before moving to Suffolk, where she then trained to become a primary school teacher. She loves Suffolk and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else, however she greatly misses being able to surf!

Studying in Cardiff, Chantelle has a BA Hones degree in Fashion Promotion. After graduating, she went on to develop her artistic flair as a Visual Merchandiser and Stylist. She loves the theatre and frequently sings around Suffolk, Chantelle also has a BTEC in dance; jazz, contemporary and theatrical performance.

Chantelle has a keen interest in promoting a creative and active learning environment, whilst encouraging children to have a positive growth mindset, instead of a fixed one. “Making positive mistakes infront of children is integral, as it allows them to become confident problem solvers and helps them to develop a love for learning.”

Chantelle loves being at the beach and is a keen water sport enthusiast. Her love for the sea has made her extremely conscientious about marine conservation and how we can protect our coastline environments, something that she is keen to continue to endorse inside the classroom.

Sara Brooks

Teaching Assistant

Sara Brooks started at WPS as a MDSA in 2016 and then soon moved on to become a member of support staff working throughout a range of year groups, now currently with F2 & Y1. Sara has two fantastic boys, one still attends WPS and the eldest is in High School. In her spare time Sara loves exploring new walks with her family and enjoys all sorts of crafting.

Sara says, “Working with children is so very rewarding. Children are truly amazing and it is such a privilege to see them grow in confidence, play and achieve their milestones.”