Fruit Attack!

We recognise that eating regularly is important for keeping energy levels up (and learning needs lots of energy!)

In the Early Years Foundation Stage (F1 & F2) the children are offered a rolling snack from 10am to 11am. A selection of fruit and vegetables, along with milk and water, is made available. The children are invited to sit down at the table at some time during this hour so that they can have their snacks and drinks. Before they sit down they know they must wash their hands, and they are not permitted to stand and walk around with food or drink.

Sitting down and eating re-enforces the social pleasure of eating with friends and while there is an adult to supervise and help where help is needed, children are encouraged to help themselves and pour their own drinks.

If your child has a dairy allergy we are happy to offer an alternative, such as Soya milk. If this is the case for your child please speak to Ms Nicholls or Ms Rozzier

In Y1 & Y2 a selection of fruit and vegetables are laid out in baskets in the Y1/Y2 activity area, also water is available for drinking. At 10.25am the children are invited fetch a snack and a drink from the activity area.