Y6 Working from Home

The Y6 children are having fun at home learning and getting creative…

Hi, we’ve loved catching up with everyone and see what they’ve been up to on the photos so here’s our contribution ! Daisy’s been keeping herself busy with some baking, making a Viking ling boat …great to have the weather to do it outside too! Been going on lovely walks and bike rides and one day she even came to work with me to give some concerts at the end of some of my patients path ways…put some smiles on faces! Hope you’re all keeping busy and well!

Hi everyone, hope you are keeping well & happy! We’ve been in the forest near our house, doing wildlife photography & climbing trees, making our own pizza, cake, slime and collages and playing on the rope swing! (Aswell as our set tasks) Miss you all. Stay safe. Edie & Clough family .

Hi Everyone. I hope you are all keeping safe and well. Flynn has been staying active – walking, practising gymnastics in different places and clocking up his road cycling experience (taking advantage of the quieter roads). Flynn has been enjoying taking his learning outdoors in the sunshine and has occupied himself with:painting, gardening, building dens, baking and reading in the hammock. We decided to keep him drumming practice indoors (for now!).

Zack has created his Viking front cover and also made a Viking long boat.

As well as doing schoolwork, Poppy has been busy celebrating her birthday which she shares with older sister Bela!
Exercise is usually bike rides, walks, netball or jumps on the trampoline!
She has also been busy baking, making tie dye T-shirts,looking after the pets and jigsaw puzzles.
Missing her friends but keeping busy during strange times.

Easter was fun. We walked a lot and taught the children about trees, birds and wildflowers. We foraged for wild salads and did lots of gardening. Sophie May couldn’t go to her first National Youth Choir course but the conductors put on a week of online tuition. The whole family has learnt all sorts of fun songs and got lots of music tuition. The big kids learnt Beethoven Ode to Joy for the National Youth Orchestra/Choir challenge and the videos were shared on social media, lots of words.

Hi all,

Here’s some pics of Merryn hard at work.
This week Merryn has been creating, she’s painted a sloth and then made a large collage of a watering can full of summer flowers. She has planted lots of seeds in pots and also finished her Viking boat.
Duo lingo is an excellent website and it is great to hear Merryn’s french coming on so well.
Kind regards
Hello year 6 & teachers.
Jake has been doing some fantastic learning from home, making the most of the sunshine when possible and getting lots of fresh air and exercise (thanks to Joe!)  Hope your all keeping well.
Take care,
Jake, Owen & Sara x

6/4/20 – Dan has been busy making his Viking ship and front cover for his Viking book, cress sowing and making an egg & cress sandwich. Playing scrabble and battleships over FaceTime. He is continuing to do bits and pieces of his work sheets etc over the holidays (to catch up) and keep his mind active! He is also helping decorate his bedroom Have a lovely Easter everyone.


Dear Miss Crossley, Mrs Murton, Mrs Tomlinson and Y6

Hope everyone is well and enjoying home schooling! Dan is also doing Maths and English etc but it doesn’t make for good photos..  Cress planting and Viking making on the agenda for today. Take care and stay safe everyone.

Love Dan and Sandra

3/4/20 – Hi, here’s some bits that Jamie has been up to. He watched The English Game on Netflix and wrote a article on it, plus a fact file on one of the characters. We tried the Y6 straw experiment, science is very hard! Enjoy the hols.

The Cliff family look like they’re continuing their life at home with as much energy and enthusiasm as they do at school!

Merryn has been painting posters to go in our windows in Rendlesham. Last week the theme was rainbows, this week it is sunshine, pics to follow. She also baked some awesome rock cakes.

2/4/20 – Ben is really proud of his Viking front cover. He used YouTube to help him to draw it.

Ben has been working hard and achieving lots.  He’s also learning Spanish during this time at home which he’s really enjoying.  Both boys go outside together after lunch to get fresh air and keep fit.  They’ve created a keepie uppie competition and are practising basketball.

Sophie has written a murder mystery and is getting the little ones to act it out, filming it and is now editing it with music and special effects. We’ve just subscribed to Whizz Pop Bang magazine and will start all sorts of experiments when that arrives.

When the internet is down we’re using maths books, doing creative writing, creating plays, musicianship and french with mummy, sewing, reading, gardening, bread making etc etc.
When the internet works we are also using Duolingo, online instrument and ballet lessons, doing Spag, Scratch,TT rockstars and PE with Joe.

Marcus working hard at home.

Laura working on her Viking boat a few days ago.

2/4/20 – Tia’s Viking Book Cover

Tia is doing her best to keep working – here are some photos so far….

Fyn has been holding the fort at school. Well done for your Viking longboat Fyn – good job!

Hello Year 6 pupils and teachers,

Hope you are keeping well.  We are all working from home and finding some fun things to do to keep our spirits up. You don’t want to see us after the Joe Wicks workout, so here’s a picture of Henry thrashing me at Monopoly! Take care and we hope to see you soon.
Sarah, Rich & Henry

Dear Miss Crossley, Mrs Murton and Y6

We hope you are all keeping well. Edie has been keeping busy tie-dying t-shirts, painting canvases, building a Viking ship, planting seeds & today’s task- making a time capsule to mark these strange times. lets keep inspiring & sharing ideas. Stay strong & carry on! Love the Cloughs