Year 6 Derbyshire


Year 6 – Derbyshire

Here are just a few shots of year 6 on their Derbyshire adventures. Please don’t worry if you don’t see your child. We have many more photos that we will share with you once the trip is over.

Day 1

After a very early start, we enjoyed lunch at Donington Park and made pretty good time to our destination. In the afternoon, we had fun settling into our rooms, printing, and playing archery. After tea, we went on a lovely walk exploring the footpaths around Edale. We saw lots of sheep and lambs and enjoyed a late supper of fruit crumble and custard before falling into bed!

Day 2

Today we split into two groups. The first group worked on their climbing skills using the indoor wall based at the Peak Centre before heading to Stannage Edge to put their practice to use.

The second group undertook a 6-mile hike to Mam Tor. We recorded the weather and wind at different stations along the way. It was sunny, windy and rainy, all at different points. With the changeable weather, we were glad of our waterproof trousers! Miss Crossley rewarded us all with a Mars bar for tackling the tough hills. After the walk, we made our way down to Treak Cliff cavern, where we learned about the origins of Blue John before polishing the stone itself!

We spent the evening playing rounders, orienteering and relaxing in the games area.

Day 3

We reversed yesterday’s activities, so that one group tackled the walk, and the other did the climbing. The changing weather threw up some challenging conditions for everyone, but we showed great resilience! Once we arrived back at the Peak Centre, it was time to write in our Derbyshire booklets, clean our sandwich wraps and have a shower before dinner. In the evening, we were able to relax with things like giant Jenga and plate spinning.

Day 4 – Chatsworth

Day 5 – Eyam and travel home