Y5 Working from Home

The Y5 children are having fun at home with their Learning Packs!

Hi Miss Stokes.
During lockdown I have been inspired by Anne Frank to keep a diary. I watched a version of her story and thought parts were similar, like missing friends and being home schooled.
I think it will be nice to look back at this .
I have attached all the pages I have filled so far…….to be continued.
I hope you like it. Maggie
Hi Miss Stokes
I have just finished my dragon. It is made of clay and it is called Flame because of its fiery colours. I think he is more cute than scary.
I hope you are ok
From Maggie
Here is Cate and her Matisse snail.
Dear Miss Stokes,
Here is my grass head and some pictures of me painting in the style of Jackson Pollock. Whilst painting I listened to jazz music, his work is very abstract.
Leo has been baking at home without any help at all.
Hello everyone!
It’s lovely to see you’ve been so busy at home. I enjoy seeing your photos. I’ve also been busy working…look at the work I did with my children and our Rainbow for the NHS.
Have a good Easter.
From Miss Stokes
Hello Miss Stokes
I hope you are ok.
I just wanted to say that I miss you and everyone at school
I have been running every morning, walking the dogs and playing football in the garden.
I painted this picture for the residents at Furze Hill House. They are not allowed any visitors so I hoped this would brighten their day.
I have also painted a rainbow picture for the NHS but it’s drying.
From Maggie
Hi Miss Stokes,

I hope you are well and I have been doing school work every day (not on the weekend!). I have baked some scrumptious rock cakes,  which I have shared with my family. Although I ate the most because I made them Mmmm!

I have painted a bird box in a camouflage style and I have also been making origami ninja stars, using card and paper.  I have been going out to the forest with my family and Jessie (my dog) everyday for exercise and to do some shelter building.
Mrs Brierley hopes that you are all still having fun and she is missing all of your cheeky faces!
Stay happy and healthy!
Love Sam B

Nancy has been working very hard!

1/4/20 – Jessica has been leaving a trail of rainbow stones on our walk.


Hello Miss Stokes,

I have been busy with my home learning pack, doing the Jo Wicks workouts with my mum, going for a daily walk with my mum and sister and I’ve also been doing some baking. Last week we made some yummy chocolate cakes and this week we are making some rocky road. I am going to try and make a grass head this week too.
Love Jessica

Hi Miss Stokes,

Leo wanted to show you his freshly cooked sausage rolls & his Easter Card for France. Hope you are keeping safe & well. Leo has been very good with his home working setting up his time table & completing his daily tasks every day & completing other projects afterwards.

Stay safe.

Leo and Family