The Y4 children are having fun at home with their Learning Packs!

Molly has enjoyed making a shield for her ”Romans in Britain” school work. Molly decided to make Boudicca’s Celtic shield.

3/4/20 – Hi, here’s some of what Lily C has been up to. She watched Mallory Towers on CBBC and wrote a great review on it. Enjoy the hols!

The Cliff family look like they’re continuing their life at home with as much energy and enthusiasm as they do at school!

Dear friends,
Thanks so much for all you are doing at this challenging time. Lily has enjoyed her activities so far, especially baking lots of muffins, playing games, FaceTiming friends, artwork for the windows, and of course PE with Joe Wicks! Thanks for all the info and suggestions. Love to you all, stay safe and well,
The Smiths. X

Clem has made a wildlife footprint trap and goes out in his jamas every morning to check it.  He’s also working very hard on improving his handwriting.
When the internet is down we’re using maths books, doing creative writing, creating plays, musicianship and french with mummy, sewing, reading, gardening, bread making etc etc.
When the internet works we are also using Duolingo, online instrument and ballet lessons, doing Spag, Scratch,TT rockstars and PE with Joe.

Lucy and Katie (Y6) have been baking (and eating) muffins….

Dear Mrs Girling and Mrs Barnes
I surprisingly miss going to school and having a teacher who is always there (mine has to teach so sets me lots of maths WHICH I HATE…I am getting better though.) My mummy knows nothing about history and Mrs Borrett said that we would do history in the summer. It’s my FAVOURITE subject. Could you set me a history project please to stop me doing all this maths???
Here’s a picture of Olivia smiling while doing maths.
Love Olivia

Ps: from mummy: I hope you are both well. To clarify…Olivia’s not always doing maths!!! I have realised that my English teaching knowledge is below year 4 though!