Y4 w/c 7th June

Science, Y4

Year 4 investigated the green house effect.

We harvested the radishes and rhubarb. Some of the radishes were enormous! We wonder if they’ll taste good. We will wash them and eat them. We learned that rhubarb leaves are poisonous if eaten but they are fine to add to our compost.

We are soooo pleased, as the wild flower seed that we all sowed has germinated well and is now starting to flower. Look how the bees love this. It looks beautiful too.

We have been completely committed to our garden which means a lot of regular micro weeding using the best tools- our hands and fingers! We are lucky enough to have Mrs Williams and her horticultural expertise to help us too. We worked industriously and now our garden is looking fabulous and productive.

We planted sweet peas having learned how to copice hazel to make pea sticks. We also have utilised and old drum, donated by Reuben’s dad, to help us with the watering- it stores quite a bit close by. As we had lots of surplus sunflowers and sweet corn that we grew in the greenhouse, we used it in a couple of the garden beds- a temporary measure but better than weeds!