Y3 – Science Week Activities

Art, Science, Y3
For British Science Week Year 3 have been learning about oceans and plastic pollution. We answered the question ‘Why do oceans matter?’ on our whiteboard and then learnt lots of interesting facts.
Did you know the sea is full of microscopic organisms called phytoplankton? They absorb carbon dioxide and help to give out around half of the oxygen that we need to breathe!
Instead of using plastic cups, bowls and plates, people can use bamboo or compostable. We made a paper origami box out of paper. Paper can be easily recycled.
We then looked at reusing plastic objects for a different purpose. We had lots of CDs which were going to be thrown away, we used them to make a hanging fish decoration.

On Wednesday, for British Science Week, Y3 designed posters to tell people how they can help the environment by using less plastic. They discussed using reusable shopping bags, buying wooden toys, bamboo toothbrushes, refilling bottles and using biodegradable bowls, cups, plates and cutlery.

Y3 drew what we thought a scientist looked like. There are lots of different ideas of what makes someone a scientist.

Y3 cut out two squares of paper and then coloured them in. They tried to use bright colours. Next they folded the paper in a concertina to make the butterflies wings. After that we used a pipe cleaner to make the butterflies body and attach the wings together.

We have been outside into the woods and collected lots of sticks, leaves and other natural materials. We then worked in groups of three to make a nest that we could pick up without it falling apart. You can see that lots of us managed it.