Y3 – w/c 19th April

We had our first rounders lesson for P.E today (Monday). Lots of us hadn’t played before so we spent time learning the rules and practising how to play. We really enjoyed learning this game especially as it was really sunny outside.

Our PSHE topic for this term is growth mindset. We looked carefully at what was in front of us and took our time to draw it. Thinking about the colours we could see, the shapes and patterns or marks. We also tried Darcey’s mindfulness exercises she brought in for us. We all worked really hard.

As part of our Science topic on Light we have been looking at mirrors and reflection. We had a go at mirror writing, which was trickier than we thought it would be. We also followed some lines by only looking in the mirror, sometimes we went the wrong way because of the reflection.

In History we are learning about the Stone Age. We looked at the front cover of the book Stone Age Boy and thought about what the different things on the cover tell us about life in the Stone Age. We found out lots of interesting things including the use of fire, weapons and cave paintings for telling stories.

In Art we have been continuing the Stone Age topic. We looked at the pictures of Stone Age animals in the book Stone Age Boy and then we had a go at drawing some of the animals ourselves. We looked very closely at the animals and tried to copy them really carefully. Next time we are going to create our own Stone Age animals.