Y3 – w/c 14th December

Enjoying Christmas lunch!

Year 3 have been using wrapping paper and coloured paper to weave placemats. It required a lot of concentration but they really enjoyed making them.

Year 3 have been busy making 3D Christmas trees. They have decorated them with lots of coloured paper.

Year 3 have been making gingerbread houses. They needed to colour them in, cut them out carefully and then work out how to stick them together.

Year 3 have been making Christmas tree decorations using a doily and a lollipop stick. They made the three different parts for the tree and stuck them into the stick. They decorated them too. They have also used wooden clothes pegs, doilies, pipe cleaners and ribbon to make angel tree decorations.

Year 3 have been drawing elves. We followed the instructions that Rob gave us and we managed to draw some brilliant elves.