Y2 – w/c 30th November

This week Year 2 have had a surprise visit from not 1 but 2 elves! We came up with names and voted for which ones we liked best. We named our Elf in Training ‘Candycane’ and our fully fledged elf ‘Candyfloss’. This week we have found them reading, playing in our multilink cubes and even putting up Christmas lights for us.

We have written letters to Santa to thank him for sending us 2 of his elves to look after.
Also this week, we have done some lovely penguin activities – we measured ourselves to see who was taller, shorter and the same size as an Emperor penguin and created a tally and bar graph to show our results. We also coloured in a penguin with wax crayons and sprayed water on it to demonstrate how their feathers are waterproof. We have also written some lovely penguin fact files.
We have been working hard on learning some of our Common Exception Words this week and we played bingo to practise recognising some of these!
Today, we were all very excited about the snow so went outside and had some fun in the snow before we started our learning.