Y2 – w/c 17th May

We have really enjoyed playing on the pirate ship during our break times this week; we have shown our fantastic imaginations by pretending there are giant waves, giant sharks and walking the plank. Not to mention the amazing contraptions that we have been building (in our minds) to keep us safe from those things!
In class, we have continued our shape investigations this week – we have been investigating the number of sides of shapes. We created and played our own 2D shape top trump cards and then discussed regular and irregular shapes. We are becoming quite the mathematicians!
In computing, we created a quiz programme in our groups. The animals had to answer yes or no as to whether they lived in that habitat and, if they didn’t, we had to make the background change to their habitat.
We enjoyed lots of sport this week with basketball on Monday, and tennis and multisports on Tuesday.
Finally, in English, we have been practising using thesaurus’ to find synonyms and creating a short drama piece to prepare for our diary writing next week.