Y2 – w/c 15th March

This week in Year 2, we have been getting back into maths; we have used equipment to help us practise some of the skills we learnt in lockdown. Some of us have even remembered how to carry over in addition!
We also had a minibeast investigation afternoon on Wednesday; we looked at some minibeasts up close, drew symmetrical insects, read lots of books and had a go at classifying, as well as placing the minibeasts in their correct habitats.

In English this week, we have written our headline and introduction for our newspaper articles about Superworm. We looked at the different features of a newspaper article and picked out the 5Ws for Superworm before we started writing.
On Thursday, we had an exciting snail morning with Mrs Watson-Brown. She brought in her giant snails for us to look at and we made snail books.
As part of our plant work, we have been looking at the functions of parts of a plant this week. We cut out and stuck the plants correctly in our books and then we labelled the parts and wrote their functions.
Another busy week for us!