Y2 – w/c 12th April

Year 2 started the week with a minibeast hunt; we discussed microhabitats and where we might find them and then went to the woods to hunt. We found lots of woodlice, a bee, a ladybird, some millipedes, earthworms and ants! We looked at them in our bug catchers and followed our classifying sheet to identify them before noting down our observations.
We have also looked at the work of Antoni Gaudi this week and created some mosaics in the style of his work.
In maths this week, we have solved minibeast word problems in partners and been working on division. We practised sharing things out in equal groups with our partners and have been having a go at division number sentences.
We also had some caterpillars delivered this week which we are going to watch grow into beautiful butterflies – we have chosen one each and given them a name today! We are going to be observing the different stages of the life cycle as they grow.