Y2 – w/c 10th May

We started the week off in Year 2 this week by going on a 2D shape hunt! Miss Stokes hid lots of shapes for us in the classroom and outside and we had to tally how many we could find of each shape. Over the rest of the week, we looked at properties of 2D shapes and learnt some new vocabulary like vertices.

We love bugs and animals in Year 2 and were lucky enough to come face to face with a Burmese python this week – ok, maybe not a real one but it’s shedded skin at least! We loved looking at it and seeing what it felt like; some of us were a little surprised at how big it was.
In English, we worked hard to complete our instructions to help other people make a beautiful Gaudi-inspired butterfly and we have ended the week by recreating our own version of Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’ using watercolours and poster paint (and our super observational skills).