Music Tuition at Woodbridge Primary School – FAQ


If your child is interested in having music lessons at school, then please check this webpage as it contains lots of useful information. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, then please contact the office.

Do I need to provide an instrument?

Instruments are available to borrow or hire depending on the instrument, however, if your child has their own instrument they are welcome to use this for their lessons. Pianos and drum kits cannot be loaned for at-home practice for practical reasons.

What are my responsibilities when looking after an instrument?

It is important for the children to be able to take their instruments home and practise. We therefore ask that if you hire an instrument from the school, you complete and return the instrument hire agreement as soon as possible. This outlines your and your child’s responsibilities regarding looking after the instrument. Their teacher will also explain to them in the early lessons how to care for their instrument and it is important that you follow these rules. If the instrument does become damaged it must be returned to school immediately so that it can be repaired.

How long are the music lessons?

Children will have weekly lessons of approximately 15-20 minutes depending on the teacher. This is felt by professionals to be the amount of time that children can concentrate to their full potential. This is generally in the form of an individual lesson although on some occasions it may be possible that these will be shared lessons. This is at the discretion of the teacher. All tuition takes place in the music room where possible.

The children will come out of class lessons for their music lessons. All class teachers are aware of the timetable for music lessons and will support your child in making sure they are on time. As the children move up the school, they are expected to take more responsibility for getting to their lesson on time.

How much practice should my child do?

It is expected that once your child is taking their instrument home they will be spending some time each week practising. Their teacher will advise them what they need to practise.

Can my child take music exams?

There may be the opportunity for your child to take grade exams when their teacher feels they are ready. At this point, it is even more important for your child to be practising regularly.

How much do the lessons cost? How are fees paid?

For the majority of instruments, the lessons need to be paid for termly. Each individual tutor sets the cost of their lessons. All children are expected to continue with their instrument for the whole of the term (with the exception of piano which is invoiced every six weeks). If your child chooses to stop playing their instrument part way through a billing cycle there will be no refunds.

If the lesson is missed because the teacher can not come to school, the lesson will either be refunded, usually by reducing the next bill, or carried over to another day.

Fees should be paid as per the instructions on the invoice which are sent out by the individual teacher.

What happens if my child’s music lesson clashes with another school activity?

The music lessons provided by the instrument teachers are extremely good value and there are real advantages in being able to organise your child’s day knowing that they will be able to have their lesson in school time. However, the downside is the possibility of missing a lesson when a whole school or class event is organised on the same day.

We do try and take music lessons into account when arranging extra activities, but I am sure you will appreciate that with so many different events happening and with the numbers of children receiving lessons during the week, it is not always possible to organise these events around instrument lessons.
We will endeavour to make any necessary changes to allow your child to have their lesson, and to let you know of any changes but, very occasionally, a lesson may have to be missed.

If you are aware in advance of any clashes that we may not have taken into account, we would be grateful if you could let us know. Often, with a bit of notice, some juggling of lesson times is possible.