The Y1 children are having fun at home with their Learning Packs! They all miss Miss Williams!

Beth wrote a Book Review on Children’s Book Day!

Lilly read Funnybones in her PJs on book day! And a walk in the woods the other day. Finding a half built den!

Clover has been busy in the garden re-potting her peas that she started with Miss Williams.

Ollie has been keeping a diary of his learning at home. What a lovely idea!

Ollie’s Diary

Dear Miss Williams,

Danny has enjoyed your videos on the website.   Danny is enjoying all the activities in his pack and has been very enthusiastic about everything in it. He love the rolling the dice game.

Love The Woodwards

Dear Miss Williams
I am missing you lots as my mummy is not as good as you. She can’t even do a cursive b. My sister has had to teach me.
Here is a picture of me counting the money in twos so that I can buy a yoyo bear for my snack. Another of me doing some addition.

Ps: from mummy…pained me to have the first sentence dictated!!!

Dear Miss Williams
Thank you for my pack. I love you.

I love the jelly bean experiment and home bingo.
Love Bella