Y1 Working from Home

The Y1 children are having fun at home with their Learning Packs! They all miss Miss Williams!

Ollie’s 3 Little Pigs
Clover’s Fairy Bread!
Hello Miss Williams,
I wanted to show you what I’ve been doing over the Easter holiday. 🐣🥚🌈
I had a lot of fun decorating my Easter reef…
My favourite hand animal was my flamingo
I played pin the tail on the bunny with my mum, and Nan. I pretended I was at the beach 🏖 and played with sand and I ate a healthy rainbow for my dinner….
I have a mister maker app on my I pad that I love doing art on. I have enjoyed doing some School work in the garden. And I love playing rummikub with my mum and nan.
I also enjoyed doing obstacle courses in my garden to keep active. I passed my agility and Nature badge this week for Rainbows by doing these.
I haven’t been feeling well and I had to go to the doctors 2 times. The doctor gave me medicine that tastes horrible. It tastes like cherries that are rotten and it’s strong.
I Miss you Miss Williams and I miss playing at school.
Love from Hollie🍕☀🍏🍉🥭
Teo’s home school learning journey so far, lots of walking, baking and fun with his sister. Mrs Moore gave him a daffodil and he has been caring for it every week, and helped plant it in our garden!

Poppy found snails and re-homed them taking care and gently touching them. She then made a video about snails.

Poppy has been finding one thing a day to explore and learn about on you tube. She then draws and writes about what she has learnt.

Dear Miss Williams

We hope you are well

As part of a Rainbows Agility badge, Amelie had to design an obstacle course (see pictures.) She also had to learn a new skill so has been practising a slightly easier trampolining routine that I did in a competition when I was 14, involving tuck jump, full twist, straddle, swivel hips and pike. I’ll see if I can email the video of this is another email.

Best wishes

Eve and Amelie

Dear Miss Williams and Year 1,

As well as lots of hand written work & activities from the home learning Hollie has….
Made and posted Cards to her family. She also made one for the postman and left him an Easter treat on the door step. Unfortunately we didn’t take a picture of the card and he wanted to keep the card as he said it made him smile.
Hollie used geomagnetic to be creative.
Also lots of playing and love with her best friend 💜
Practicing her football skills and lots of trampolining seems to be her favourite exercise at the moment.
Lots of creativity.
And learning to peel vegetables.
Virtual disco dancing on a Saturday afternoon!
We hope you are safe and well and enjoy your Easter holidays.
Karla & Hollie.

Beth wrote a Book Review on Children’s Book Day!

Lilly read Funnybones in her PJs on book day! And a walk in the woods the other day. Finding a half built den!

Clover has been busy in the garden re-potting her peas that she started with Miss Williams.

Ollie has been keeping a diary of his learning at home. What a lovely idea!

Ollie’s Diary

Dear Miss Williams,

Danny has enjoyed your videos on the website.   Danny is enjoying all the activities in his pack and has been very enthusiastic about everything in it. He love the rolling the dice game.

Love The Woodwards

Dear Miss Williams
I am missing you lots as my mummy is not as good as you. She can’t even do a cursive b. My sister has had to teach me.
Here is a picture of me counting the money in twos so that I can buy a yoyo bear for my snack. Another of me doing some addition.

Ps: from mummy…pained me to have the first sentence dictated!!!

Dear Miss Williams
Thank you for my pack. I love you.

I love the jelly bean experiment and home bingo.
Love Bella