We’ve been learning about the cactus. Why it has spikes, why they thrive in deserts and why animals like to eat them (if they can get through the spikes).

Frida Kahlo portraits in the making…

This week in Y1, we’ve been winding down our Mexico topic and have been focusing on the famous Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. We’ve looked at what a self-portrait is and have been looking at a few of Frida’s, noticing the vibrant colours she used in her art. While reading some books on Frida, we also learnt that she always persevered, despite the obstacles she faced. Viva la vida!

This week Y1 has been introduced to their new topic, Mexico. On the 2nd November, it was the colourful festival of ‘Día de los Muertos’. We have been looking at how this festival is a celebration of family, which has inspired us to understand that there’s a diverse range of families, as we are all very different. We used lolly sticks and match sticks to represent our family members, as well as our pets, and then presented our family to the class. To celebrate our family, we then wrote about who we live with and made puppet sugar skull characters (making sure we used lots of colour).
We’ve also started to look at the human skeleton and how each bone connects and has a purpose, we’ve been enjoying the little dance by the Kiboomers: