Y1 Kandinsky Artwork

7/2/20 – Year 1 looked at another abstract piece from Wassily Kandinsky. Inspired by Kandinsky, we created our own patterns with oil pastels, felt tips and colouring pencils.

We also did some messy art, using paints to press on a snail shell. We’ll be practicing how to draw a swirl next week (as a part of our handwriting sessions). Once we’re confident, we’ll then draw a swirl onto our painted shell.
Year 1 have been looking at the artist Kandinksy and understanding what abstract art is. They have been making links with their knowledge of shapes and primary colours, from last term.
First, they mixed the colours in the pouch, imagining the colours are like musical instruments (just like Kandinsky did). Watching them turn from a primary colour, to a secondary colour (some of us even created a tertiary colour).
They then drew on their knowledge from their study session of Kandinsky’s work and created different patterns with shapes and lines.
They also had a ‘magpie moment where they went around the room looking at others pieces of work, they then gave positive praise to their friends.
Wow such busy bees on a Friday!
Quote from a child:
‘Woah! Mine is sooo abstract.’