Snail and the Whale – Geography

Y1 have been investigating all of the different places the Snail and the Whale might have visited. Exploring the Antarctic and Artic (and spotting the differences) tropical islands, coral reefs, Canada and understanding how the sea can change with the weather.

Some of the comments made:
“I think geography is exploring above the sea and under it.”
“I think geography is a photo.”
“I think geography is looking all around the world.”
“It is hot in Hawaii!”
“I would like to go to the jungle to see all of the animals.”
“Lightening is nice and scary.”
“Why can you hear the sea in a sea shell?”
“I would like to go to Australia and to swim in the reef with the sharks and fishes.”
“I would wear all of my coats if I went to the Artic. It is cold!”
“I think we are at the beach, like Felixstowe, but the sea isn’t blue there.”