Y1 – w/c 7th June

Turtle creations…
We spoke about why it is so important to put litter in the bin, recycle as much as we can and how biodegradable items are so much better for the environment than single use plastic.
During free play, I set up a mini beach that had been littered with single use plastic: straws, yoghurt pots and plastic forks (all clean from our art cupboard supply).
We spoke about how it’s great to litter pick, but you must have the correct protective gear and use a litter pick for safety reasons.
Here the children are helping the beach animals by using the plastic tweezers to pick up single-use plastic items and putting them into a basket.
After our beach clean, we were then able to enjoy building sandcastles. We even reused some of the pots and straws for decoration and construction.
All about sharks.
We’ve turned World Oceans Day into a week and have enjoyed learning all about sharks. We have watched a variety of clips that has allowed us to see how humans can interact with these wonderful creatures. We’ve been introduced to a variety of types of shark, including a pyjama and cookie cutter shark. Learning about their habitat, diet and lots of fun facts. We’ve collated our findings into a shark fact file, which we are very proud of. We’ve even enjoyed a different version of the baby shark dance.
We compared three sharks in looks and length. Looking at 8ft Blacktip reef sharks, 10ft ragged-tooth sharks and a huge 20ft great white shark. We then drew the length on the playground to really understand the length of these sharks.
Choosing tile activities…
On Monday we spent the morning working together to build our class puzzles. This was a wonderful opportunity for the children to talk about their half term and develop their collaboration skills.