Y1 – w/c 3rd May

This week in art, we painted Mr Wolf (or The Big Bad Wolf). We used forks instead of paintbrushes so that we could create a furry texture.

They are now hanging up proudly in our classroom.

Here’s what we got up to during our choosing time on Wednesday afternoon.

We have been thoroughly enjoying our Gruffalo memory game this week.

Jude read ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’ beautifully to some of his peers.

This week we have started to look at the time. This week we’ve been looking at ‘o’clock’ and created our own analogue clocks. We’ll be using our clocks during our wider maths lessons.
The children have been drip fed the time since September and on a daily basis. On Thursday, the children started to look at the differences between an analogue clock and a digital. What the parts of the analogue clock are called and how they can apply their knowledge of the 5 times tables, to help them tell the time.
How you can help their learning at home. Ask your child to tell you what the time is when it reaches o’clock. Ask them which hand tells us the hour and how we know it’s at the ‘o’clock’ (because the big minute hand is at the 12). Ask them how many minutes past the o’clock it is and get them to count in 5’s to work it out.
We’ve had lots of fun working on ‘o’clock’ and the kiddos really enjoyed creating and using their clocks.
Mr Chatten-Berry found a slow worm and kindly came to show the kiddos in KS1. It was all very exciting!
Friday Fun Activities