Y1 – w/c 14th June

We have had a such a busy week this week in Y1, but  despite the busyness, we’ve finished our shark fact files. This is a huge chunk of our non-fiction writing and we are so proud of everything that we’ve learnt and achieved.
During our ‘World Oceans Day’ week, we looked at how important a healthy ocean is, especially for keeping the food chain in order! Our focus was to investigate everything to do with sharks, to see them in a different light and to recognise how important they are in our oceans. We were even able to recall our knowledge on whales (from the Spring term) and compare sharks to whales. We then recorded our findings in a very snazzy Venn diagram.
Baby Shark Go Noodle:
Toys from our parents and carers (and Mrs Williams’ toy ‘Ducky’)!
We’ve had such a lovely day looking at how toys have changed with time. Spotting how materials, colours and technology has changed throughout time, such as roller skates from the the 1970’s to a 2015 hover board!
We’ve also had lots of fun looking at the toys our adults’ used to play with and reflecting on how our toys make us feel.
100 Years of Toys:
Here we are looking at the lovely toys that our adults’ used to play with, using our special magnify glasses, and playing with the toys in the history box.