Whole School News w/c 13th June

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Summer Fair, 2nd July, 12-3pm – IT’S ON!

We are delighted to say that we have enough offers of help for the Summer Fair to go ahead. A huge thank you to everyone who signed up this week – it is much appreciated.

Of course, we’d still welcome any further offers of help to boost our numbers in case they drop for whatever reason. We’re still monitoring the electronic sign-up so will allocate people to tasks as they update online. You can sign up here.

… We will put the task list on boards when you enter the playground on the day of the Fair and also circulate the list electronically next week as a reminder of what you’ve signed up to!

Thanks again – we are looking forward to a fantastic Summer Fair 2022!


Sports Enrichment next week

Just a reminder that your children will be doing the following additional sports activities next week and will need to wear PE kit on these days (if not already doing so).

Monday 20th – Rounders and lacrosse Year 4/5
Tuesday 21st – Kick rounders and ultimate Frisbee Year 3/6
Wednesday 22nd – Scatterball and ultimate Frisbee Year 1/2
Thursday 23rd – Scatterball and ultimate Frisbee (adapted) F1/2

Early Years – donations request!

The EYFS team are developing their open-ended role play resources to enhance the children’s vocabulary and imagination.

Do you have any of the following unwanted items that you could donate to the children in F1 and F2?

  • colourful chiffon scarves
  • handbags
  • hats – any type e.g. bowler hats, top hats, cowboy hats, wedding hats (and waistcoats!) too
  • an empty wicker picnic hamper which can be securely closed
  • strong good quality wicker baskets and wicker cutlery trays
  • large pegs (the type that hold your towel on your sunbed)
  • chalkboard paint
    small world sea creatures, fairies and pirates.

Any donations will be gratefully received and can be taken to F1 or F2.

Many thanks for your help.

KS2 Rounders tournament

On Friday 10th during the afternoon, the whole of KS2 took part in an intra-rounders tournament. They were split into 10 teams and completed a round robin of 9 games. All teams were super and their striking, fielding and collaborating skills improved throughout the session. The scores were very close with the final league table as follows:

Position Team
10th 1
9th 7
8th 6
7th 10
6th 3
5th  2
4th 5
3rd 8
2nd 4
1st 9

The children were brilliant, showing great determination, commitment and confidence throughout the tournament even with the very hot conditions.
Thanks to all those who helped to create such a super event!


Tennis stars

Joshua in F2 has been attending Jon’s LTA tennis sessions and has been really enjoying them – so much so that he was named Star of the Week at the club! Well done Joshua, keep up the good work! Click here to see the sessions that Jon and the team are running over the summer holidays.

Evan in Y4 competed in the U11 tennis tournament held at Kingston Park on 12th June. He played 6 matches and won 5 of his games, claiming the championship trophy for 1st prize! We are particularly proud of his fair play, honesty, and general all around good sportsmanship! Super work Evan, see you at Wimbledon in 2030!

Sydney in Y6 (also a member of Woodbridge Tennis Club), took 3rd in an U11 tennis tournament a few weeks back! Well played Sydney!

Outstanding consideration

Hats off to Adam in y6 for his amazing efforts in clearing up a ruined building last weekend. Adam was visiting his old hometown of Malmesbury where just two weeks ago the Abbey there was partially on fire due to vandalism. Adam, his friends and family volunteered to clear up the remaining burned material and took it to the tip, saving the Abbey money and time as they were planning to get a company to do the work. Adam, you are a credit to your family and your school.

Art and design star

Ivy in year 3 came first and second in the age 8 – 16 years category of the Handicraft Class in the Rendlesham Show, with a mixed media painting on canvas and a paper collage.

Anyone for cricket?

Ben (Lily C’s dad) and Steve (dad to Lily S) are once again organising the charity St KyBridge cricket Cup. This event has happened for the last 6/8 years. The idea is that St Mary’s, Kyson, and Woodbridge all put a cricket team together. Each player pays to enter, with the money raised split between the three schools for their respective PTAs.

Woodbridge are looking for four more players! The only entry criteria is that you have played before and would enjoy a few looseners! Full details below…

Venue: Woodbridge Prep School
Date: Saturday July 16th
Time: 11.30am for 12 start
£25 per player, bbq provided

Families are welcome, children must be supervised by parents.

If you’d like to join, then please email smiths.woodbridge@icloud.com.

Thank you to…

Sophie (Ruby and Montie’s mum) for cleaning the old window art in Y1. Sophie thought it was a little warm for snowmen in June, so volunteered her time to get the windows gleaming again. What a star!