We are Unstoppable!

2/2/21 – Recording tips – RECORDING TIPS for WPS song video

Please send your recordings by Friday 12th February to jo.ling@woodbridgeprimary.suffolk.sch.uk

27/1/21 – The Next Step

We are now ready to start learning the song! Here are some helpful tips from Mrs Ling and below you will find lots of resources that she has put together. Mrs Ling will send you instructions on how to record yourselves soon!

Tips for learning the song

Here is a demo track of the composer Emily Barden singing the song

Here is the backing track

(We are) Unstoppable – pdf of the lyrics
Here is a version Mrs Ling recorded of herself singing the song with the backing track so there is only one singing part, the part she wants you to learn.

Here is a version Mrs Ling has recorded of herself singing the song WITHOUT  any backing track – to help you hear the tune (hopefully).



Many of the children in KS2 Google Classrooms will have seen Mrs Ling’s idea to create a Woodbridge Primary School group song. This would be completely optional but she is hoping that enough children will take part to enable her to create a video containing lots of different voices and images.

The song chosen is (We are) Unstoppable and the process will be….

1) The children (with or without their families) record themselves singing all or part of the song. This can either be a video or an audio recording.

2) Send the recording to Mrs  Ling via Google Classroom (younger years will need to send it in an email to the school).

3) Mrs Ling will create one big video that will be shared on the school website.

The next step will be for Mrs Ling to send out the backing track. Please do not send any recordings until this has been sent!

The lyrics can be seen here….(We are) Unstoppable

Here is the song….