U9 Dodgeball!

On 15th November, six pupils from Year 4 went to a Dodgeball festival at Inspire Suffolk in Ipswich.

We played 5 games and lost 4/5. I really enjoyed playing with my team and supporting them. The team was Sam B, Ambrose, Owain, Maggie, Millie and Anya.

By Sam B in Y4

Dodgeball is an amazing and fun team sport because there are hardly any rules and it’s quite easy to play.

My team and I worked really hard and well together and won lots of games. There were about 15 games and they were about 2 minutes long.

First you have to race to the middle of the pitch to grab one of the three balls. The aim of the game is to throw theballs at the other team. It if hits them on the head then you are out. If you catch the ball they are out and one of your team mates comes back in.

I really enjoyed it. If I had to choose my favourite sport it would be dodgeball. We all had a really fun time.

By Maggie in Y4