Stay and Celebrate Chinese New Year

Events, F1, F2

Last week, the parents/carers of our Early Years children in F1 & F2 joined the us for a ‘Stay & Play’ session to celebrate Chinese New Year.  There were so many activities to choose from and the children loved showing their adults around the different stations. Activities included:-

  • Food tasting.
  • Making Chinese lanterns.
  • Chinese New Year ‘Scavenger Hunt’.
  • Using chopsticks to move noodles from one bowl to another.
  • Recreating Chinese numerals using paint on glass.
  • Threading beads to create dragons.
  • Making Chinese money wallets.
  • Making banners using Chinese pictures and symbols.
  • Identifying China on a map.
  • Working out the childrens’ Chinese animal year of birth.

After the adults left, the children watched a video explaining all about Chinese New Year and how the animal years were created.