Starting Y3

Art, Literacy, Maths, Sports, Y3

We have been busy decorating our stars. We made some great patterns on our stars and enjoyed colouring them in the sunshine.

Last Thursday we watched a video which showed us what zentangles are and some ideas of how to create them. After watching the video we practised creating some of our own into small squares on paper. Next we had an outline of the first letter of our name and we filled this with zentangles. When we have finished we will share the completed zentangled letters.

We used old CDs and some card to make fins and a tail and we decorated them to make fish. They are all hanging up in the corridor outside our classroom and they look amazing.

In PE we practised our skipping. We were trying to master the single bounce skip. We all tried really hard and persevered.

We looked at the book Giraffes can’t dance and thought about things that we can’t do yet. We wrote down things that we would like to learn to do.

In our class we are reading ‘The Boy Who Grew Dragons’ by Andy Shepherd. We followed a draw with Rob tutorial and drew our own dragons.

We took our learning outside and completed our reading comprehension in the sunshine. We worked in pairs or threes to answer the questions. We worked really hard and enjoyed being outside.

In Art this week we started our topic ‘Autumn’. We spent some time looking for interesting leaves and then we made a close observational drawing. The children really concentrated well and spent lots of time looking at their leaf and creating a drawing that matched the detail in the leaf.