School Disco and Non-Uniform Day

Non-Uniform Day and School Disco-thon!

On Friday 23rd October, the children will be having a non-uniform day and an open air disco! FOWPS and the school really want to give the children something to look forward to, as well as providing some much-needed funds to the school.

We usually ask for a minimum £1 ‘fee’ for wearing non-uniform but we would be grateful for anything you can spare via the donations page. Our open air disco will be held outside in the afternoon (weather permitting) and we are preparing playlists, lights and speakers to make it exciting for the children.

Here is a message from FOWPS….

FOWPS fundraises for the school every year. This year is rather different, with events out of school not allowed, or mixing of classes. However the school still need the money we raise. They would like to purchase more items to enhance classes outside learning experiences. Money is tight with extra staffing, sundries expenses, plus many more costs. Anything we can raise to help our kids would be massively appreciated by the school.

Please feel free to share our fundraising page with any family and friends who might like to sponsor the have children to have a good dance!