Mr Krisson’s Prize Draw

In his July End of Term letter, Mr Krisson promised a Prize Draw containing 50 prizes as a reward for the children’s hard work and perseverance during lockdown.

Each class from Y1 – Y6 will have 5 ‘guaranteed’ winners per class (names drawn out of a hat) and then the remaining 20 prizes will be random (drawn out of a hat) across the whole school (F2 – Y6)

The winners were….

Per Year Group

Y1 – Beau, Isaac, Rubilei, Teddy and Bella

Y2 – William, Bella, Ray, Niall and Blake

Y3 – Elizabeth, Evan, Dylan, William and Ruby

Y4 – Hector, Nico, William, Harrison and Aatmana

Y5 – Molly, Finn, Matias, Sydney and Alena

Y6 – Harris, Aseem, Ambrose, Anya and Seth

From the Whole School

Violet (Y3), Henry Reed (Y1), Nancy (Y6), Freddie (Y1), Lucian (Y4), Amelie (Y2), Finlay (Y4), Charlie (F2), Roman (Y5), Forest (Y2), Archie (Y5), Ayse (Y3), Leon (F2), Finley (F2), George (Y1), Daisy (Y1), Isaac (Y1), Jude (Y1), George (Y5) and Daniel (Y2).

Available to all Years
Available to Y5 & Y6 Only