To help you plan over the summer holidays, we can let you know that the following will be in place in September. As always, this is all subject to any emergency decisions made by the Government between now and September.


Each class will be known as a ‘Group’ or ‘Bubble’ and each group will be given consistent staff and the mixing between groups will be kept to an absolute minimum. They will each have dedicated toilets and play areas and lunches will be eaten in the classrooms with the choice of a ‘Grab a Bag’ meal from school or Packed Lunch. The school menu for the first half of Autumn Term can be seen here.

Shopping List

We will be trying to minimise the number of items that your child brings into school and also the amount of items they need to share whilst at school. Therefore, we will be asking for the following in September:-

  • Children will wear full school uniform (see list here) but they will be asked to wear trainers (black or white and as waterproof as possible) to enable them to take part in physical activities without the need to change. The trainers should be designed for sports and not fashion!
  • No PE Kit will be needed for the first half of the Autumn Term.
  • Y2, Y3, Y4, Y5, & Y6 – we would like each child to have hand sanitiser on the desk. Could you please try to buy some over the summer or, failing that, please try to provide an empty dispenser that we could fill.
  • Y2, Y3, Y4, Y5 & Y6 – each child will need their own pencil case, in which they would need pencils, colouring pencils, felt tip pens, rubber, pencil sharpener, highlighter, ruler, glue stick and rounded scissors. Y5 & Y6 will need a protractor.

If you are struggling financially to be able to provide these items, please let us know and we can help out. Equally, if you have any spare items to donate, please leave them in our donations box outside the front doors (not between 20th July – 10th August).

Drop-Off and Collection Times

There will be staggered drop-off and collection times in September and your child’s specific times can be found on their Class Page. We will write to you in August with more details about our drop-off and collection procedures. The drop off time you will be given will be between 8:40am – 9:10am. Collection will be between 3pm – 3:30pm.

Willow Garden

We will be able to provide Wraparound Provision. As mentioned previously, we are required to keep Year Groups separate during school hours. However, this poses a problem when it comes to our Wraparound provision. We will be splitting the provision into four groups as follows:-

  • F1 & F2
  • Y1 & Y2
  • Y3 & Y4
  • Y5 & Y6

The temporary costs will be:-

  • 8am – 8:50am: £2 (breakfast will not be provided)
  • 8:30am – 8:50am: £1.50
  • 3:30pm – 5pm: £6 (tea will be provided)
  • 3:30pm – 6pm: £9 (tea will be provided)

We will only be able to take ad hoc bookings in an emergency because of the strain that this places on our planning and staffing levels.

Please email Lucy on to let her know your requirements as soon as possible.

PD Days – 1st & 2nd September

We will be open to look after children on the PD Days in September and will contact parents/carers in August to take confirmed bookings and to advise you of the procedures.

Induction Days

Our plan for the first week of Autumn Term for Years 1 – 6 is….

Monday 1st September – PD Day – School Closed but Willow Garden open for childcare.

Tuesday 2nd September – PD Day – School Closed but Willow Garden open for childcare.

Thursday 3rd September – Transfer Day (half of each class in school)

Friday 4th September – Transfer Day (half of each class in school)

Monday 7th September – School Open to all children (subject to any emergency measures put in place by the government)

Please note: the children in Early Years (F1 & F2) will be using a different induction plan which they will be advised of separately.

Please email if you have any questions.