Preparing for September…

Here is the Risk Assessment for Full Opening in September 2020.

A summary of our procedures for Autumn Term 2020 can be seen below….


  • Each year group will be known as a ‘Group’ or ‘Bubble’ and each group will be given consistent staff.
  • The mixing between groups and the staff assigned to each group will be avoided. Therefore, there will be no assemblies or large gatherings with more than one year group.
  • Each year group will have their own dedicated toilets, activity areas and play areas.
  • Lunches will be eaten in the classrooms (or outside area whenever possible) with the choice of a ‘Grab a Bag’ meal from school (Hot or Pick ‘n’ Mix) or Packed Lunch. The school menu for the first half of Autumn Term can be seen here.

Drop-Off and Collection

There will be staggered drop-off and collection times in September and your child’s specific times can be found on their Class Page (a link to each page is below). At your appropriate time, each year will use entrance/exit as follows:-

F1 – Main Front Doors

F2 – Main Front Doors

Y1 – Wooden Playground Gates (keep to the right)

Y2 – Wooden Playground Gates (keep to the right)

Y3 – Nursery Gates (to the right of the main front door)

Y4 – Nursery Gates (to the right of the main front door)

Y5 – 5 Bar Gate near the Wooden Playground Gates (keep to the left)

Y6 – 5 Bar Gate near the Wooden Playground Gates (keep to the left)

These will all be clearly marked out when you arrive at school.

If you have children in different year groups, your older child/ren may be able to line up independently while you help your younger child/ren but please don’t worry if helping one of your children then delays the arrival of your other child/ren. There is a 10 minute ‘window’ before the next families start to arrive.

Do not stay on the school premises or outside the school gates to chat. This will create a problem for parents arriving at the time slot after yours and may cause anxiety to anyone who wishes to pass you.

Parents and visitors will not be permitted to enter the school building unless a pre-arranged appointment has been made. Any contact with the office should be made by telephone or email. 

Items in School

We will be trying to minimise the number of items that your child brings into school and also the amount of items they need to share whilst at school. Therefore, we will be asking for the following in September:-

  • Children will wear full school uniform (see list here) but they will be asked to wear trainers (predominantly black or white and as waterproof as you can find) to enable them to take part in physical activities without the need to change. The trainers should be designed for sports and not fashion!
  • No PE Kit will be needed for the first half of the Autumn Term (to be reviewed before half term).
  • Y2, Y3, Y4, Y5, & Y6 – we would like each child to have hand sanitiser on the desk. Could you please try to provide your child with hand sanitiser or, failing that, please try to provide an empty dispenser that we could fill.
  • Y2, Y3, Y4, Y5 & Y6 – each child will need their own pencil case, in which they need pencils, colouring pencils, felt tip pens, rubber, pencil sharpener, highlighter, ruler, glue stick and rounded scissors. Y5 & Y6 will need a protractor.

If you are struggling financially to be able to provide these items, please let us know and we can help out. Equally, if you have any spare items to donate, please leave them in our donations box outside the front doors.

Cleaning and Hygiene

Your child will be asked to regularly wash their hands and/or apply hand sanitiser. Surfaces that are touched frequently will be cleaned during the day. Our cleaning provider will clean the rooms every day.

Please read our risk assessment for full details of how the classrooms will be organised and how the school will ensure the children will be made to feel at ease with these social distancing measures.

Symptoms of Coronavirus

It is essential that children and staff do not come into school if they have any coronavirus symptoms and that anyone who develops symptoms during the school day is sent home. Please follow the standard national advice on the symptoms to look out for. Currently this is a new continuous cough, a high temperature, a loss of, or change in, your normal sense of taste or smell (anosmia). If anyone in the household develops symptoms, please follow the guidance for households with symptoms.

We will be engaging  with the Test and Trace process and parents/carers must be ready and willing to:

  • book a test if they or their child are displaying  symptoms
  • provide details of anyone they or their child have been in close contact with if they w ere to test positive
  • self isolate if they have been close contact with someone who tests positive for coronavirus

If your child tests negative they may return to school when they feel well and when they no longer have symptoms. Even if they do not have coronavirus there are also other viruses such as colds and flu which we wish to avoid spreading at this critical time. We ask everyone to be conscientious and meticulous about this.

Willow Garden

Here is the Risk Assessment for Willow Garden from September 2020.

We will be able to provide Wraparound Provision. As mentioned previously, we are required to keep Year Groups separate during school hours. However, this poses a problem when it comes to our Wraparound provision. We will be splitting the provision into four groups as follows:-

  • F1 & F2
  • Y1 & Y2
  • Y3 & Y4
  • Y5 & Y6

The families who indicated that they need to use Willow Garden have been contacted to confirm their bookings for next term. We will only be able to take ad hoc bookings in an emergency.


Unfortunately we are unable to run any extracurricular clubs during the Autumn Term, apart from Code Club, which will take place online. We will review this for the Spring Term.

Induction Days

You will have been advised of the day that your child is in school for their induction/transfer day. These days are partly to give the children the chance to get used to the new arrangements in a calmer, more measured way, and partly so that we can test the fairly significant changes we have put in place in a less pressured and safer manner in the first instance.

Our plan for the first week of Autumn Term for Years 1 – 6 is….

Tuesday 1st September – PD Day – School Closed but Willow Garden open for childcare.

Wednesday 2nd September – PD Day – School Closed but Willow Garden open for childcare.

Thursday 3rd September – Transfer Day (half of each class in school)

Friday 4th September – Transfer Day (half of each class in school)

Monday 7th September – School Open to all children (subject to any emergency measures put in place by the government).

Early Years (F1 & F2) will be using a different induction plan which they have been advised of separately.

Please email if you have any questions.