Pick ‘n’ Mix Changes

Edwards & Blake have responded to your feedback about the Pick ‘n’ Mix menu that we are trialling this term. From Monday there will be a few changes…

  • Two sandwich filling choices each day.
  • The juice cuplet will be replaced by a savoury bite. This will consist of items like cheese straws, pizza bites or tomato & cheese twists. The cook will decide each day what to provide.
  • The amount of plastic will be dramatically reduced by using paper bags for sandwiches instead of plastic wraps, they have ordered washable pots for the salad etc and they have removed the juice cuplet option.
  • They will be trialling a new cheese to see whether the children prefer it (cheddar rather than a mix).

The menu can be found on the website here. A printable version is available here. Each class has been given a copy so that the children and teachers are aware of the menu choices every day.

Cheese straws as their ‘savoury bite’ today!
These girls all said they loved the cheese straws (even the one having packed lunch!)