Parent Forum Summary

This term’s Parent Forum was held on Monday 27th January and thank you for any feedback that you provided to your representatives. The minutes will be published on the website soon but, in the meantime, here is a summary of what was discussed…

  • Traffic and Road Safety – ongoing discussions about how to improve road safety at pick-up and drop off times. A member of the Parent Forum is going to engage in discussion with Caroline Page about how they Council can help the school .
  • Phonics and Maths ‘Jargon’ – there are still terms coming home in targets and reports that parents do not understand. The school will try to work out the best way for parents to provide feedback on anything they don’t understand.
  • Free trees from the Woodland Trust – the school will be receiving free trees to plant around the school. We will need volunteers to help plant the trees and experts will help us decided where is the bert position for them.
  • TerraCycle and Colgate recycling programme – the school will ask Eco Council if they had any success in setting up as a Terracycle centre.
  • Eco-Friendly School Uniform – Parent Forum will carry out research into other schools with coloured shirts rather than white and will look into the cost/ecological benefits of  a grey shirt option. This will be presented to Mr Krisson (and governors) who will make a decision.
  • New members – the Parent Forum needs feedback from parents in F2. We will ask the class if anyone would like to join the Forum.
  • PE Kit – the school will also sell 2nd hand PE Kit outside the school office. We also need donations to have in school for any children who don’t have their kit in school.
  • Christmas Jumpers – a member of the Parent Forum was pleased that the school did not enforce Christmas Jumpers and that children could wear Christmas Colours last term. Next Christmas parents may set up a Christmas Jumper ‘Swap Shop’ at the Christmas Fair to prepare for ‘Christmas Jumper Day’

The next Parent Forum meeting will be on Monday 4th May 2020 at 6pm.