Parent Forum Summary

This term’s Parent Forum was held on Monday and thank you for any feedback that you provided to your representatives. The minutes will be published on the website soon but, in the meantime, here is a summary of what was discussed…

  • Traffic and Road Safety – ongoing discussions about how to improve road safety at pick-up and drop off times. The school will start a log of all dangerous incidents reported to them so that we can put forward a strong case to the council for more appropriate safety measures. 
  • Incredibly positive feedback about the Y6 residential to Derbyshire – thanks were passed on to all the staff and volunteers who helped to make the trip so successful.
  • Phonics and Maths ‘Jargon’ – a glossary of Phonics terms has been put onto the Phonics webpage and the schol will now work on the Maths jargon. Parents will be asked to report and jargon that they don’t understand on the reports and targets and this will help the school to build a useful glossary.
  • The school will start collecting ‘Aldi’s Kit for Schools’ stickers – parents/staff will be asked to collect and hand in any stickers from their shopping trips to Aldi. Every completed poster  will receive and Aldi Sports Kit and a chance to win one of twenty £20k prizes.
  • An idea was put forward regarding play equipment such as skipping ropes, hula hoops etc – the school’s current supplies are dwindling and the school has plans in place to replace them but it was suggested that the school could ask former pupils (who may now have outgrown their equipment) if they would like to donate anything to their old school. The Student Council will also be fundraising for this cause throughout the year.
  • Free trees from the Woodland Trust – a parent shared a lovely scheme with the Forum about the Woodland Trust’s ‘Big Climate Fightback’ initiative whereby they are calling on one million people to pledge to plant a tree to help to fight the climate emergency. They also have a ‘Free trees for schools and communities’ scheme which would help our school to join the Big Climate Fightback. The school will investigate the application process and liaise with various contacts to decide upon good planting locations around the school grounds.
  • TerraCycle and Colgate recycling programme – a parent shared a free recycling programme for all oral care products and packaging. The products and packaging collection then entitles the school to points which can be redeemed into financial donations to the school. Our Eco Council will take forward the application process and hopefully we will soon be the Recycling hub for Woodbridge!
  • Eco-Friendly School Uniform – a proposal was put forward by a parent about allowing grey shirts rather than white. These would need cleaning less often and would not require the vigorous bleaching/stain removers that the white shirts often need. The school will research this option extensively, including how readily available grey polo shirts would be to parents.

The next Parent Forum meeting will be on Monday 27th January 2020 at 6pm.