Parent Forum Summary

This term’s Parent Forum was held on Monday and thank you for any feedback that you provided to your representatives. The minutes will be published on the website soon but, in the meantime, here is a summary of what was discussed…

  • Traffic and Road Safety – ongoing discussions about how to improve road safety at pick-up and drop off times. The school reported back about Air Quality Officers, Walk to School week and our offer to meet with the council and police to improve the situation. We have also been engaging with local residents.
  • Willow Garden – are more flexible time slots possible? The school reported back that it is not economically viable to provide more time slot options at Willow Garden.
  • Reports – could the end of term reports be distributed any earlier to allow for parents to provide feedback before the end of term? Mr Krisson explained that we work to very tight timescales. We like the teachers to start writing reports two weeks before the end of term to allow them maximum time to assess each child’s learning. Then, during those two weeks, they write the reports, Mr Krisson proof reads and comments every single report and feeds back any changes to the teachers. Teachers then make any necessary amendments, Mr Krisson checks them again and then they are all prepared for distribution by Lucy!
  • Colour photocopying and photocopying by children – colour copies are very expensive and it was suggested that teachers could provide black and white to reduce costs. Mr Krisson said he would remind teachers of this at the next staff meeting. Also, we are now leasing photocopiers which has provided some cost savings and the school is initiating a PIN system whereby printing and copying will not be possible without a PIN.
  • Sports Day – could the school provide a welcoming ‘hub’ for children who don’t have parents able to attend the Sports Day? The school will explore different ideas to ensure these children don’t feel ‘lost’ when it comes to the picnic time after the events have finished.
  • Clubs Hub – can prices of clubs be advertised before the Clubs Hub to ensure children know which are free clubs and which ones incur a charge? Yes, we will ensure this is on the summary of clubs before it goes out to parents and children.
  • Bingo Night – this was very well attended and a really fun night but there was some feedback about noise levels and the ages of unattended children. Catie will pass the feedback on to FOWPS and discuss any possible changes to the format for next year.

The next Parent Forum meeting will be on Monday 30th September at 6pm.