Non-Uniform Day for Just One Tree

On Friday 29th November, we will be holding a non-uniform day to support ‘Just One Tree’. Children will be asked for a suggested donation of £1 and this £1 will pay for one tree to be planted in an area of the world that needs reforestation. If we receive a donation from every child in the school we will have enabled 225 trees to be planted!

If you would like to read more about this initiative, the ‘Just One Tree’ website is

At the most recent Parent Forum, we discussed the upcoming ‘Big Climate Fightback’ by the Woodland Trust and the opportunity to receive free trees to plant at the school. This is an initiative we are taking up and we are busy planning our areas to plant.

As a school, we feel this is an area important to the children and we do hope you support us in this campaign. We’re sure you will agree that tree planting is absolutely essential at this critical time for the planet. We will therefore be joining children, parents and teachers across the country on this day to demonstrate that an individual’s actions can have a positive impact on the environment.

Non Uniform Day for Just One Tree