Name Our Boat Competition

Name our boat competition!

An exciting new addition is almost ready to set sail at Woodbridge Primary School, but first, we need your help! We’re launching a boat naming competition with all your donations going towards the purchase of some fantastic new trikes.

Grandad Everitt – his latest challenge…

Grandad Everitt is a familiar name in Early Years, due to his amazing wood carvings which continue to delight the children daily, both in learning and play. Not content on carving 100s of wooden creations, he has turned his attention to renovating this sailing boat, which will be based in our outdoor area to develop the children’s imagination, roleplay, and vocabulary. As you can see, he has his work cut out to transform this lovely but rather sad-looking boat into a wonderful play item!

Thank you, Hudson Group!

The winning logo and name will be transformed into professional signs/decals courtesy of our friends at Hudson Group (who also donated the boat – wow!) and attached ready for the grand launch after Easter.

Every boat needs a name (and a logo, too!)

And that’s where your family can get involved. We’re inviting children of all year groups to work on their 7Cs of creativity, communication and confidence to come up with the best name for our new boat. Not only that, we’d love for them to draw a matching logo to go with it. It doesn’t have to be complicated – simple, sweet, funny – we want to see all ideas (although we hear that ‘Boaty’ has already been used?!)  Older children of the school are very welcome to enter too – what better way to leave your legacy!

In return, your entry will be put into a competition to be judged by Grandad Everitt himself…

What will my money go towards?

All of your donations will go towards the purchase of ride-ons like these, which will support physical development in a progressive way.

How to enter

If you’d like to support your child in this competition, please write the proposed boat name on a sheet of paper along with a sketch of your logo and pop it through the office window in an envelope with your child’s name and cash donation. You choose how much you wish to donate, and you can enter as many times as you like!

If you’d prefer to do things electronically, please email a picture of your logo (a photo taken on your phone is fine) plus your chosen name to and pass your cash donation to the office as above.

The deadline for entries is the first day back after Easter, so enjoy getting your creative thinking hats on over the holiday and GOOD LUCK!