Library Update

Celebrating Success

We can’t start the new year without recognising the successes of last year, which we couldn’t have achieved without your help and generosity!

We put a total of 236 brand-new books on the shelves, equating to more than one per child in the school. We had donations from five local businesses to purchase STEM, IT, geography and reading spine books. Our amazing school family purchased 61 books via the Wish List, which remains open throughout the year. With the support of FOWPS, we have made improvements to the library space, and we also began opening the library up for family visits after school. It really was a successful year and we are very grateful for your support.

Pupil Librarians

We had a fantastic first group of pupil librarians last year who worked really hard to support their peers and helped keep the library spic and span. A huge thank you to Reuben, Aatmana, Henry, Niamh, Millar, Bella, Jude and Florian for setting a brilliant example.

We were overwhelmed by the quality and quantity of applications to become pupil librarians this year, thank you to everyone who applied. A big congratulations to Rebecca and Darcy (year 6), Jed and Hollie (year 5), Connor and Sienna (year 4), and Duke and Florence (year 3) who are our 2023-2024 pupil librarians. They will take part in training and be ready to help out in the library very soon.

We’re excited to announce that Millar is staying on this year as pupil librarian supervisor, ensuring we don’t lose important lessons from our first year of the programme and providing extra support.

Exploring Fantastic Beasts in the Library

Each term, we’ll be featuring different topics in our upstairs library to help children discover new books that they may not otherwise choose.

This term we are showcasing books featuring fantastic beasts! We have a range of books along the top of the fiction shelves for children to browse with characters ranging from ghosts to gorgons, Moomins to mermaids, and Nanooks to nifflers, we’ve got them all!

If your child isn’t sure what they want to read next, why not suggest they pick a book from the top of the shelves?

New In The Library
Key Stage 1

The Great Dog Bottom Swap

Whiffy Wilson, The Wolf Who Wouldn’t Wash

A New House For Mouse

WoW! Said The Owl

The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name

There’s A Snake In My School!

The First Hippo On The Moon

Tyrannosaurus Drip
Stink The Sloth


Key Stage 2

October, October

The Explorer

The Light In Everything

The Night Bus Hero

Nevermoor, The Trials of Morrigan Crow

Danny Dingle’s Fantastic Finds: The Jet of Justice

Danny Dingle’s Fantastic Finds: The Metal-Mobile

Respect for the Library

Unfortunately, we’ve had repeated cases of books being damaged, often new books that we’ve bought or had donated, and in some cases beyond repair. While we’d like to think that the damage isn’t intentional vandalism, the consistently poor treatment of our books and library spaces does show a disappointing lack of respect. The library is entirely funded by donations and fundraising. It has taken, and continues to take a great deal of work, often by volunteers, to keep the library in good shape, let alone to continue to improve it. While accidents do happen, we generally expect books to come back in the same condition they were in when they were checked out. If a book is genuinely accidentally damaged, we ask that we are told so we can repair or try to replace the book. We won’t be angry, but we can’t fix a problem we don’t know about.