Gifted and Talented Artists – YAEA

Update: Five of our artists’ work have been selected to be exhibited at The Peter Pears Gallery in Aldeburgh. They were Sam B (Y5, Laura (Y6), Katie (Y6), Maia (Y6) and Finn (Y4). Finn was also awarded a Highly Commended from judge Mimi Nicholson. Well done to you all!


Our pupils took the theme ‘A Moment in Time’ and decided to base it around the idea that now is the moment in time that we need to act in order to help save the planet. They used the ideas of the planet being destroyed by plastic in our seas, too much mining and factories producing pollution, the forests of Australia burning because of climate change etc. 

They made their artwork by creating a lino print of their ‘sand timer’ to represent the time needed for change slipping away from us. They then worked over these prints to complete their artwork.

The children who took part in this project were Alice (Y3), Zoe (Y3), Maisie (Y3), Eliza (Y4), Finn (Y4), Grace (Y4), Sam (Y5), Laurie (Y5), Maggie (Y5), Katie (Y6), Maia (Y6) and Laura (Y6)