WPS Food Parcels

We are very aware of families within our own Woodbridge Primary community who may already be starting to struggle financially due to the pandemic restrictions. We are helping some by providing supermarket vouchers to those families who were already means-tested to receive ‘Free School Meals’. However, we know there are others who weren’t on this list who may be finding it hard due to a delay in receiving money after applying for Universal Credits or having to wait until June for the 80% payment if they’re self-employed or perhaps a member of the family has been laid off.

We want to help.

We are asking people who feel they have enough and are willing to give to families a helping hand, to donate items to our Food Parcel Scheme. Mr Krisson went shopping yesterday and bought the items in the photo below for under £15.

We are suggesting that items similar to these could be brought into school and left in the lobby outside the school office. We will then sort, check and redistribute to families (within our school) who are in need at this time. It would also be helpful if you could leave cardboard boxes, bags to help us package the parcels. Your trip to deliver items to the school can be classed as “to provide care or to help a vulnerable person” under the governments rules. You may like to wear gloves to open the front school door (wash or dispose of gloves afterwards) or bring hand sanitiser to use before and after opening the door.

If you are a family that is struggling, please do not hesitate to ask for help. Please complete this form with your details. You do not need to give an explanation and only Mr Krisson and Mrs Thompson (Business Manager) will see these requests.

We will review this scheme on an ongoing basis so if your circumstances change in any way (positively or negatively) please get in touch with us.

An idea of items to donate…Baked beans, tinned soup, tinned fruit, tinned vegetables, tinned tomatoes, dry pasta, rice, long life milk, tinned rice pudding/custard, tinned meat and fish, crackers, muesli bars, cereals etc.