February 2018 Newsletter

The one with the Superheroes…

This has been a very short month but we do seem to have crammed a lot of activity into a short space of time! We welcome to the school Evan in F2 and Jamie in Y5. We also have some lovely news that Avril, our Support Staff Assistant, gave birth to Betty. We look forward to meeting the newest member of our WPS family.
The Class Assemblies have now started and we welcome you to join us for these special moments. We will send out a reminder email but please make a note of the date (they can also be viewed on the website!).

World Book Day is on 1st March and we are very excited about our timetable of events this year. We have two authors, an illustrator and a presentation from the Suffolk Wildlife Trust. This will be a very special day that is to be followed up by the Book Fair on 12th-16th March. The Mad Science Assembly followed by Science Week mean that next month’s News Cycle will be jam-packed with news!

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