The F2 children are having fun at home with their Learning Packs!

Hello Mrs Player,
Here are some pictures of me. Practicing my number writing, from 1 to 100!
For national gardening week I learnt about robins and I painted a picture of the robin who stays in my garden.

Hello Mrs Player
I hope you our well and staying safe.
I have been very busy since I’ve been off school – as well as doing my school work I’ve been doing my joe wicks workout , lots of painting, making rainbows 🌈 some baking, and lots of playing outside while it’s nice
We’ve been going for family walks and we also celebrated masons 1st birthday.
I’ve been at school a bit but not the same without everyone there.
See everyone soon love sienna

Easter was fun. We walked a lot and taught the children about trees, birds and wildflowers. We foraged for wild salads and did lots of gardening. Nina’s reading has taken off and she’s trying little chapter books and reading to herself.

Dear Mrs Player,

This is a message from Jessica:
“I’ve been fishing in the garden with Rebecca. I caught an octopus and a gold fish. We used our crabbing net. We pretended to fish.
I rode Rebecca’s bike. I painted your flower.”
We wish you a restful school holiday and Happy Easter.
Best regards,
The Wilkinson family
Jessica has had a good time at home doing a lot of PE (Joe Wicks, ballet, yoga and playing in the garden), crafts and a bit of maths and writing. She is not so keen on reading but loves phonicsplay and started to use Duolingo to learn French.

Hi Mrs Player,

Hope you’re well! Here’s Jude’s window rainbow, homemade story for Children’s Book Day (in pictures) and his picture of his pets

Have a lovely weekend.
Take care all,
Thanks for the emails

Connor has been doing lots of activities at home!

Dear Mrs Player,

Nina has started to learn to play the harp! She is also going through some Early Readers with Mummy, along with sewing, reading, gardening, bread making etc etc.
Love The Andersons