The F1 children are having fun at home with their Learning Packs!

Theo has been practising his letters sounds finding the correct  objects to match the sound. He is also beginning to blend a few sounds to make words such as dog and pat. Very early stages!
Theo has also been in interested in measuring we have been talking about non standard measure. Theo has been looking at shortest and longest he used his cubes to find out which toy was the longest and which was the shortest. He then attempted with help to record the numbers.

Hi Ms Nicholls,

Hope you had a good Easter! I have eaten chocolate every day since the bunny came to see us! 🙂 sometimes even for breakfast!
I have watched the YouTube video story of the hungry caterpillar and read the book.
We have been on a walk to look for butterflies.
I have looked in my play kitchen for the food that matched what the caterpillar ate.
I have flapped my arms round the house just like a butterfly.
I have drawn a picture of the life cycle of a butterfly. (Copying mummies)
We will doing more hungry caterpillar themed activities tomorrow!
Love from Freya

Dear Miss Nicholls,

Seb has been doing a bit of school in the morning and afternoon on weekdays and so far seems pretty keen. He has been doing his letter sheets, one a day, then we find things beginning with that letter around the house, then make up a story including those things (he makes them up, we write them down). Here are photos of two of our favourites so far – Appleman and Dinosaur’s Adventure, Seb at home school, and doing the bat pose from cosmic yoga.

Take great care

Jo, Jon, Seb and Theo xxxx

2/4/20 –

Hi Miss Nicholls,

Happy international children’s book day!  Today we have picked a theme for the stories, I chose jungle animals. We went through all my books and picked out all the books with jungle animals in them.

We have read different books throughout the day!

We watched the film the jungle book!

We did some colouring and drawing from the books!

I chose some characters and Mummy created a simply story for Me to be able to re-tell. Mummy created scene pictures to help me. It is also quite based on the situation about being separated from people.

The story is based on two friends, an elephant and a tiger who live opposite each other in the zoo and can see each other all the time, then one day the tiger gets temporally moved whilst they re-do her enclosure. The friends miss each other and are very upset. A rainbow butterfly helps the friends pass messages to each other whilst they can’t be together. Time passes and the tigers enclosure is fixed and she moves back opposite the elephant.

We have had a very busy day and I wore pjs the whole time!

Hope you had a good day too!

Freya and her mummy!


Good afternoon Ms Nicholls,

We hope you are well and staying away from the germs that are making people poorly.
We have been busy learning our letters from A for Apple to G for goat. Last week we played in the garden lots. Lots of story making about dragons, unicorns and magical rainbows.
Today we made an elephant out of a milk Carton.  We have attached a photo!
We love reading your letters.
Stay safe and happy.
Freya Green F1