Early Years Mathemagical Stay & Play

F1, F2, Maths

On Tuesday 3rd March, the Early Years hosted an hour of all things numbery and mathemagical!

The children took their families around a range of activities and taught them how to use numbers, colours and patterns.
There was a giant shape hunt on in the woodland, Jude and Ralph said “The Cuboid was the largest and the Hexagon was tiny!”
Matthew Gowen, our Head of Governors, was learning how to add and subtract with the help of his son Arthur and lots of frogs.
Connor shared his love of splatting Yeti’s with his grandparents, “You count how many and then quickly you splat the number!”
Jessica chose a really complicated pattern for her dad to complete with the peg boards. “I won’t help you, it’s really hard one, you have to do it yourself!”
Even Nina’s baby sister was interested in the pompoms.
George and Daisy were helping ladybirds to double their spots using playdough.
The Ball Pit Run was popular, Henry found number 7 and ran to drop it in the corresponding bucket before the sand timer ran out! Arthur and Evan were fast too, they kept finding lots of threes and tens.
We had a tricky puzzle corner where everybody worked as a team to complete each one.
The beanstalk counting was fiddly and fast – you have to use tweezers only to collect and count items and place onto the leaves….before the giant comes down!
Thank you to everybody who joined us that morning, it was a busy and bustling session where it was evident that so much learning and commitment from the children was being displayed.