Making Music with The English National Opera!

Year 5 explore the colour green through percussion

Well done to our Year 5’s who participated in a music project called ‘Finish This..’ last term. This project – run by the English National Opera (ENO) – began with the class receiving a mystery pack! In this, they were asked to help finish a piece of music centered around colours that one of the ENO composers had begun.

The class worked together to choose a colour and agreed to base their composition on green. They then worked in groups to create short pieces using instrumental & body percussion. Finally, we put these together and sent it to the English National Opera. 

Our completed piece and those of the other participating schools can be listened to by following the link, scroll down to the “East of England” heading; our school name is number 38!

In the picture above, you’ll see Year 5 receiving their participation certificates for the project!