December 2018 Newsletter

The Christmassy one…

Welcome to December’s News Cycle…the festive edition! This month has seen the Early Years perform ‘A Little Bird Told Me’, KS1 tell the story of ‘Born in a Barn’ and KS2 perform an epic concert which saw the audience join in with ’12 Days of Christmas’. They were all brilliantly professional performances and I’m very proud of
the children and thankful to the staff for all their hard work. Such Creativity and Confidence!
I’m sad to say goodbye to Bryn, who has played such a huge role in school life since he started with us in 2012. We will miss seeing his happy smile.

James and Olivia will also be leaving us. I warmly wish them good luck in their new school. We now have a day of school remaining and only six sleeps until Christmas Day! I hope to see you at the FOWPS Movie Night tonight and please do join us for a drink and mince pie from 3pm on Thursday 20th December. Thank you for all your efforts and support that you provide the children and the school in the lead up to Christmas. We  appreciate that there are many events, costumes etc to remember but we hope the special memories make it all worthwhile. I wish you all a very happy and peaceful Christmas.

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